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Renshaw Probe

Rigorous Testing & Inspection

Here at Daften, we are committed to quality with all stages of the process being rigorously tested and inspected. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved and Made in Britain Certified.

All production measuring equipment is calibrated and traceable to National Standards

Coordinate Measuring System

To supplement the existing measurement probing system, we have also invested in a co-ordinate measuring machine or CMM, sourced from both QCT and Aberlink which both run Renishaw TP20 styli. This precision equipment is kept at a consistent temperature in an air-conditioned room and operated by dedicated, highly skilled technicians.

This means we can now offer precision measurement of components, not only as part of our one-stop-shop service, but on a subcontract basis to other companies that may not have the capability for precision measuring.

Co-ordinate measuring machine
Renishaw OMP40-2 probes

Renishaw OMP40-2 Probes

We have fitted Renishaw OMP40-2 probes on all our production machining centres. This offers improved accuracy, enhanced quality control and can have a repeatability on the machines to a tolerance of 2 microns.

In addition to the OMP40-2 probes we have invested in the Renishaw laser tool setting probes in our Fanuc Robodrill's to ensure that the tooling is automatically monitored through out production if necessary. The CNC probing system has been purchased from Haas and Fanuc, respectively. This demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of quality and productivity.

Quality & Productivity

Savings can also be made at 'goods in' as inspections and the audit trail can be displayed in a spreadsheet format. The visual display of all the data in one place means that batching data can be emailed to the client so we can be even more confident in our reliability and consistency by just analysing the data.

In addition, we have SPC and PPAP facilities - electronic and manual, Surface Finish Measuring and Electronic Bore Gauging

Plug Gauges