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Buhler H400B Diecasting Machine, one of our new investments

Investing in technology

Take a look below at some of our exciting new investments

The Air Bench FPK

Airbench FPK

The Air Bench FPK is a new purchase here at Daften. These are fitted with a dust and fume extraction system as well as a filter that is great for the use of non-sparking dusts.

These new benches can help us maintain the long-term health and safety of our staff as they recirculate clean air into the factory, creating a safer work environment!

Buhler H400B Diecasting Machine with a Pomac ladle

Buhler H400B

This is our Buhler H400B Diecasting Machine with a Pomac ladle! Our Team have worked super hard preparing and cleaning this up ready for production!

In addition we have had brand new guarding installed around the machine for extra safety.

Spray Booth

Cartridge Spray Booth

This powder and extraction booth combines two functions in one integrated module. It comprises a spray canopy designed for the application of dry powder paints attached to an extraction and cleaning module.

The total system provides a safe, clean and efficient working environment without the need for external dust extraction systems.

Fanuc Robodrill

Fanuc Robodrill

In 2021 we invested in our first Fanuc Robodrill a-D21LiB5 ADV. This equipped us with High speed and high precision machining.

We were so impressed that we invested in a second Fanuc Robodrill both with Renishaw probing and laser tool setting!

Universal Robot

Universal Robots

With the help of ATI we installed a Universal Robot. This has increased our efficiency and overall productivity by achieving a faster cycle time.

Because of the great results, we were able to invest in second Universal Robot.

Our CNC machining R&D Toolmaking centre

Unit 2

One of our biggest investments is 'Unit 2' our CNC machining R&D Toolmaking centre.

The new expansion in 2016 enabled us to extend our technological capabilities to meet the demands of the 21st century.